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“Fighting corruption is not just good governance, it’s self-defense. It’s patriotic.”

Before any of the major mistakes and misdeeds by law enforcement and prosecutors, the Oakland County Child Killings was already an incredibly complex case with 4 known victims, from different 4 cities, whose bodies were discovered in 4 other cities in 2 separate counties in Michigan.

We now understand that due to the nature of the crimes, these were team killings, meaning, multiple persons were involved, and crimes ranging from child pornography, to gross child sexual assault, kidnapping, and eventually murder, need to be examined individually.

While the coverup in this case has always been hinted at, there is no work that looks at the logic chain step-by-step and examines the motives at each moment where a decision had to be made that led to outcome we all know. This work does that. Yes, some of it may be conjecture, but when you are done reading this, ask yourself: What are the possible alternative explanations for the conclusions drawn here? Then ask yourself how probable those alternate conclusions really are.

During the original course of the investigation, over 300 police personnel were involved, with hundreds of tips called in, dozens of persons polygraphed, and many persons tested for DNA among dozens of identified “persons of interest”, and core suspects. Not matching the mtDNA on file is not a reason to rule anyone out in a case such as this whose tendrils touches on other crimes committed against children throughout not only the state of Michigan, but in New Jersey, Tennessee, Louisiana, California, and abroad.

To err is human, we all make mistakes, but owning them and making amends is a necessary pillar for a civilized society. This work is not about the honest mistakes made in this investigation, but the malfeasance – bad acts performed in bad faith and covered-up as a regular activity of public corruption, which led directly to the death of the last OCCK victim, Timothy King, and the denial of justice to the families of Mark Stebbins, Jill Robinson, and Kristine Mihelich.

This work may be anonymous, but do not let that fool you into thinking it is a cover for error. Many people keeping this case alive suffer unwarranted and unwanted attention. Instead, focus on the facts, the analysis, the logic chain of evidence. It is not perfect, nothing ever is, but when examining the argument, the principle of Occam’s Razor was applied, where the hypothesis with the fewest assumptions was chosen.

The corruption which began 46 years ago continues to be perpetrated today. It is time to hold everyone to account.

Much of the sources for this work come Cathy King Broad’s blog, the very excellent book written by Marney Keenan, newspaper articles, open source documents, and an interesting wiki site that seems to be in the process of uploading documents from the case and performing some micro analysis as well.

Needless to say this work is copyrighted.

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